Not really 920,000 pixels.. :(

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Re: Not really 920,000 pixels.. :(

I know what it is. This is Sony technology inherited by Nikon. The stripe RGB arrangement is a feature of Sony's trinitron tube developed back in the early 80s for the flatter CRT. This RGB arrangement has been inherited by their LCD. The advantage of stripe over triad RGB is that it let in more backlight allowing the display to look brighter. It does not mean that what you get is high definition just a brighter and maybe cleaner example of a typical VGA 320x240 VGA display.
Now you have your answer!

Phil Askey wrote:

Actually you're wrong, all small LCD's are report 'dots' as 'pixels'.
A single 'dot' can produce red, green or blue. Strictly speaking
they should be refered to as sub-pixels. Each row has three times as
many 'dots' as its actual resolution.

The EOS 40D display has 230,400 dots; 960 x 240 (Delta array layout)

The D300 display has 921,600 dots; 1920 x 480 (Stripe array layout)

Another way to think of it is 320x240xRGB or 640x480xRGB although
this isn't strictly correct (as the RGB triplets are arranged

In summary whichever way you look at it the D300's display has four
times the resolution of a "230,000 pixel" LCD.

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