6 Cartrdie ink VS 2 Cartridge Models

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Jay Jaucian Forum Member • Posts: 55
6 Cartrdie ink VS 2 Cartridge Models

Hello all,

I am about to purchase a new printer and have narrowed down my choices to :

1) HP C5180

2) HP C4180

3) HP C3180

4) Epson RX595

If you have noticed, they are the "all in one" type of printers (with scanner and copying features).

The 4180 and 3180 though only have the 2 cartridge design as against the 6 catridge design for the other 2.

What's the difference in image photo quallity? Which of the 2 designs would come out cheaper in ink usage?

Lastly, in terms of brand .. should I go HP? Or buy the Epson 595?

Please limit answers just on the 4 models above as I do not want to confuse my choice already by adding more confusion I'm already confused as it is from most of the research and reviews I have read.

Thank you in advance.


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