Casio : a serious challenger for the fz18 ?

Started Aug 31, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: To be a contender it must be available

Joesiv wrote:

It could have a buffer, and it probably won't be as big as most would
like, but if you get a couple or a few seconds of burst it is highly
feasible, and still very useful.

Let's say the RAW data coming from the sensor is about 10Mb for each picture. 60 x 10Mb = 600Mb. The on-board CPU has to process 600Mb per second to compress that data into JPEGs. That's why even with a good buffer I'm skeptical that Casio is able to achieve that with the current technology. I don't say it will never be possible, but I don't expect to find this camera for christmas 2007...

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