D300 - up to ISO 12800 ( Hi2) ?

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I undersdand a bit Italian but not everything !...

So first they speak about the D3.

As everyone knows it will be a full frame , but what I didnt understand is the possibility to shoot also in 5/4 , (automatic resising ?)

They present both cameras as a professional cameras, aslo D300.

The D3 has a very usefull AF function that follows a pre determinated color (as rose for exemple if a runner wears a rose short)
a lot of options via the Card slots :

-possibility to shoot on 1 card the jpegs and on the other the raws at the same time.

-other one : if 1 card is full, it continues to record the following sequence on the other card .
-can copy via D3 the photos from 1 card to the other card. (or stick)

  • 40% more battery.

  • can control 5 D3 cameras via a computer at the same time

D300 : the same in small size :

  • 51 AF points

  • same color system

  • same AF options

  • Iso from 200-to- 3200 + 2 boost stops up to 12'ooo asa.

  • rapidity of commands is imporved on the back buttons.

  • 8 frames / second (12 bits mode only I think)

  • improved tropiclisation

ps : I really think D300 will be my first Dslr camera , but can anyone tell me if , for the fun, my old 1.4 50mm (no automatic at all) will fit on it ?
I also wait for image samples.

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