Japan D3 pics: legit?

Started Aug 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
Yah Manh Junior Member • Posts: 48
Re: Japan D3 pics: legit?

I was on assignment and had to produce on deadline, so I only used center point single AF, JPEG FINE, ISO 400 during the day sessions, and ISO 3200-6400 at the nite session. With Opanda, the Serial Number does not show up, but it says "D3". We weer told not to indicate in any matter which images were shot with the D3, so I cannot reference any samples or originals. The D3's AF is spot on, working great like a MF'er now. As far as I'm concerned, the D3 AF is a NON-issue, just the kind of issue we shooters all want to have, right guys ? The AF on the several D2X and D2Xs bodies that I have really sucks even with the the latest 70-200 AF and 200/2.0 lenses that I own, it backfocuses no matter how many times I have Nikon look at it.

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