Japan D3 pics: legit?

Started Aug 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
Yah Manh Junior Member • Posts: 48
Re: 3 stops?! Okay, one for highlights, two for the show...

Yes 3 stops. One stop better than my Mark III. The Mark III is an amazing camera as well. I love the Mark III too. I was at the last 10th IAAF WC's in 2005 in Helsinki, Finland as well, and the Nikon employees were embarrased at all the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) complaints about the D2X. This time here in Osaka, the Nikon employees were beaming with pride, they couldn't wait to show up to their booth each morning, they walked around during the competition, and tested the D3 with the accredited press photogs. My friends told me Nikon had a few R&D engineers in the stands shooting and when they met them they thanked them and praised them to death. I didn't stumble upon them. I did praise the guys in the Nikon booth and I wasn't the only one. The D3 is one great machine !

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