Not really 920,000 pixels.. :(

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Re: Sorry, but you are wrong.

avidday wrote:

ExNihilo wrote:

I'm sure someone already brought this up and I just missed it, but I
am a bit dissappointed with Nikon's advertising for this claim:

As you already know, the new D3 and D300 are supposed to have this
incredible 920,000 dot resolution. But it would have been more
honest to describe it as everyone else does, and call it a 307,000
pixel (which is much closer to the 2XX,000 range that other cameras

No it isn't. The other digital cameras have 320*240*3 = 230,400
pixels, ie. the D3/D300 have 640*480*3 pixel LCDs with exactly
double the linear resolution of the now standard 230k pixel DSLR
screen. Nikon are doing nothing different with the description of the
new D3/D300 screens than anyone else is.

Yes i replied in the same way to Mcnamara's post but won't post my correction without proof. I've emailed Canon asking for clarification of the specifications but i'm not holding my breath. Anyone have a link to any reliable confirmation of the Canon LCD specs?

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