Not really 920,000 pixels.. :(

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J Mankila
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Yes, really a 920'000 dot LCD screen!

ExNihilo wrote:

I'm sure someone already brought this up and I just missed it, but I
am a bit dissappointed with Nikon's advertising for this claim:

Dissappointed because you didn't quite understand it correctly. Other manufacturers use the same practice in giving those numbers.

As you already know, the new D3 and D300 are supposed to have this
incredible 920,000 dot resolution. But it would have been more
honest to describe it as everyone else does, and call it a 307,000
pixel (which is much closer to the 2XX,000 range that other cameras

As I and other here have said it multiple times, yes, it indeed has 307'000 pixel LCD if you count RGB dots into one. The trick is that other manufacturers use only 230'000 multiplied by three = 76'700 pixels if we use the same method.

McNamara dude has obviously never counted how many dots and pixels there were in Canon cameras.

McNamara explains the little slight here:

The frightening thing being the fact that it's untrue.

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