Singin' the dust on GRD sensor blues :-(

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Singin' the dust on GRD sensor blues :-(

Hello all. Feeling kind of down and at a crossroads. I've got a dark speck of dust on my GRD sensor. It's extremely noticeable at f9, but can even be seen at f2.4.

Now I know this is not the flaw of Ricoh but all manufacturers of compact cameras. They have done nothing to insure that dust doesn't ruin the photographic experience.

What makes me it worse is that my Sony and fuji ALSO have dust on their sensors.

Like I said, I'm at a crossroads. Option 1 is to get all 3 serviced. The Ricoh is still under warranty so I can fix and continue to use it for a while, but I'll have to pay for the other 2.

Option 2 is trade in my Ricoh and Fuji (plus underwater case) and get the Olympus Stylus 770 SW (should be some good discounts now in Japan) or newer 790 SW.They are sealed and waterproof, dustproof, shock proof, frost proof...pretty well everything proof. They'd make a good replacement for the fuji+case and a breath of fresh air from dust but they lack the manual and creative controls of the f810 or GRD and the picture may not come close to those two. The other trade-in option is the Oly e-410 which isn't much bigger than a larger compact (like the G9) and it has an anti dust system that works(I first got the E-300 after becoming frustrated by dust on my old fuji s7000's sensor).

Either way, I will hold on to the Sony because it's great for IR photography.

Darn dust! > :-o
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