M42 adapter arrives, I am thrilled

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M42 adapter arrives, I am thrilled

My m42 adapter from BHPhoto arrived yesterday and I have been playing with my old Praktica M42 lens. My first test is on my Pentagon 50mm f/1.8. I do have problems in getting the exposure. Somehow, I need to add +2 on Ev in order to get picture properly exposed. I have no idea why that is happening. Here are few samples of indoor testing done earlier. I am new to both my K100D and all the gears with M42, so mistakes are all mine and my inexperience and impatience to get things right:

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I find it quite sharp and the M42 adapter from bhphoto costing $14.99, though not the original pentax M42 adapter, works quite well and no focusing problems noted so far, I have not tried at infinity but a farther distance.

The manual focusing on M42 lens on my K100D is much easier than I thought. I previously bought a $37 Takumar Asahi 28-80 Macro and I thought the manual focusing is good but after using the M42 lens, there is no comparison as the M42 lens that I have with Pentagon has twice the focusing ring length than my Takumar. I am in awe with the M42 and with skills yet to be built up in M focusing, I am really IN LOVE with Pentax for the inexpensive choices that are quite extensive. Comments, critiques, corrections and thoughts are welcome.

Previous thoughts on my Takumar

All pictures test with Takumar

and I will blog about my M42 when time allows. And after the Pentagon 50 f/1.8, I have a schneider lens at 135mm f/3.5 to try out -- that is like an antique to me and not-so-good condition Praktica 28-70 f/3.5. So far my m42 50mm f/1.8 looks solid. Life is more than exciting!!!! Thanks to Pentax for making things compatible and I never regret my choice in getting Pentax in my upgrade. I am like you all, a smart customer who wisely chooses Pentax.


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