Too bad about the 40D AF not being much better than 20/30D

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Too bad about the 40D AF not being much better than 20/30D

I'm sure the cross type senors in the outlying points helps with focus acquisition and possible accuracy, but it seems there is little speed improvement in AI Servo.

I was hoping for much better tracking with more options to customize.

In order to get a pro class AF system it's much cheaper for me to sell my Canon gear and get a D300 and lenses than it is to get a MkIII (if they were to fix them all). Even taking a loss on my gear it would cost me about a $1000 to change over.

24-105IS (this lens I would really miss)
70-200/2.8 non IS


24-70/2.8 Sigma (and hope I got a good one)

Not near the lens the 24-105 is but I don't use this range that often so I could live with a decent copy and get an extra stop for in the house.

70-200VR- I think I'm making an improvement here- image qualit the same- VR a bonus.

I would get the Canon equivalent if they still offered it new (80-200 AF-S)

Seems like a pretty even system with compromises-

Again too bad Canon didn't decide to put a decent upgraded AF in the 40D.

Right now, my 30D is at Canon Irvine to see if there is anything wrong with the AF as it is really poor in AI Servo.

If it turns out there is no improvement I'll be anxiously waiting for D300 reviews and user reports.

Probably like many here.


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