Is there any point of Phil testing the 1D Mark III?

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Kevin Coppalotti Veteran Member • Posts: 8,990
Re: AFAIK Phil doesn't do sports photography test shots. (NT)

Phil should not be embarrassed to bring on board specialists in this area if needed. Multiple bodies, multiple shooters, and precise scientific method protocols would be handy.

Vague terms like 'poor keeper rates', 'not many keepers' etc, should be removed in favour of terms like '56% keepers from a 10 shot burst'. And have a control camera for comparison purposes.

One other remark I would offer is sports shooters do usually shoot 20 shot bursts of moving subject, usually short precisely timed burst are the norm, otherwise CF cards will run out of room fast.

J A K wrote:

"NT" means no text.

Joe Kurkjian, Pbase Supporter


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