a cure for d70 underexposure

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a cure for d70 underexposure

having bought another d70 as backup for my other d70, i again uploaded my favorite custom curve (sreala2). here are sample pictures taken before and after uploading the curve to my d70. both were handheld (so ignore the blur), straight out of camera--no post processing. of course i can easily add + compensation--but this curve adds other features that i have grown to like. also, i don't have to wrack my brain remembering the added comp everytime i switch to manual metering which will only confused me. now, i truly have a backup camera. thanks.



from sreala website:
sReala version 2 Tone curve User Features

  • Essentially a correctional custom tone curve for the Nikon D70

  • Corrects underexposure

  • Maximises the total amount of detail captured by the Nikon D70 sensor

  • Maximises details captured from black to white

  • No bias on any part of the linear tone data

  • E.g. no tonal shifting

  • No colour shifting

  • No un-natural re-production of tonal response

  • Tone curve is calibrated to capture pure RAW accuracy

  • Captures accurate colours

  • Captures accurate contrast

  • Curve is scientifically measured using charts to maximise the capability of the Nikon D70's digital sensor, see the technical specification for more details...

What it doesnt do

A lot of users require extra saturation and contrasy out of camera to achieve that processed look.

  • It doesn't shift curve points to add un-natural levels of contrast

  • No shifting to improve colour saturation

This curve sReala, is all about providing accuracy and maximising the Nikon D70's digital sensor potential. Hence the name Real(a). Based on Fuji's negative film.

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