My Ideas for the new Casio 60FPS

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My Ideas for the new Casio 60FPS

Here is my list of requests for this camera. I sent these into Casio. What else do you want?:

  • Higher megapixels; It is nice to have a big CCD for the lower resolution, but when buying this camera to replace my current exilim, I would really hate loosing resolution in the upgrade.

  • Bigger screen; One of the things I love about Casio cameras is their nice, big, clear screens. I would love to see a larger 3.0 inch or 3.5 inch screen on this camera.

  • Larger zoom; Although the 12x zoom is nice, it does not compare to the 18x of ultra zooms.

  • HD video recording; I love recording movies with my camera, and the ability to use this feature to record HD content would be amazing. Seeing that this thing can capture VGA video at 300 FPS, I would imagine it could easily capture 1920x1080 at 30 or 60FPS. I would also really love to see the H.264 codec used on this camera. It saves space and has amazing quality.

  • Zooming while taking videos; Seeing that this camera already has an amazing movie function, mine as well go all out and include zooming while in movies.

  • Better macro; I love Casio cameras, but I really miss the 1cm macros found on other brands of cameras. I love getting really close shots of stuff, and the ability to get that close and use 60FPS would be astonishing. Imagine focusing on an insect like an ant and capturing it as it walks along a leaf.

  • High speed continuous flash; I love the flash-burst mode on my Z850, and would love to see something similar but enhanced on this camera. Something like 2FPS with flash and continuous forever would be amazing.

  • Movie Light; I love the movie light on my Z850, it would be great to see something similar on this camera.

  • Time lapse photography; I love the idea of time-lapse photography and would love to see this inputed into this camera. The idea of it taking a picture once ever hour for like a week would be really cool. You can do a lot of cool things with that.

  • Multispeed zoom lever; I loved the feeling of the multispeed zoom on the V7 and would love to see something similar on this camera.

  • The ability to hook up the camera to a TV and still take pictures; The camera dock is great, but it would be nice to hook up the camera to a TV and use it as your viewfinder. This is useful in a lot of situations like family portraits.

  • Manual set timer; I would love to manually set how long a timer is, and how many times it repeats before stopping.

  • Wireless remote for control; the ability to set the camera up in a spot, and then wirelessly have it take pictures at 60FPS would be amazing. I imagine getting really cool angles like on a skateboard ramp, and then standing pressing a button on a remote to take pictures while going off.

  • Really powerful battery; I love the 440 shot battery I get on the Z850, but I would love to see even better with this.

  • A lot of on-bard memory; it would be nice to have a GB or two of memory on the camera, since the 60 FPS will take up a lot of space.

  • Surround sound video recording; It would be cool if you put four microphones on the camera so it could capture surround sound videos

  • Night vision; I saw on a Sony camera that it had an infrared light so that the camera could capture pictures and video in literal pitch dark. I think this feature seems pretty cool.

  • Ability to use external microphone; It would be nice for videos if I could use my wireless microphones in order to capture audio.

  • Multiple SD card slots; it would be nice to be able to use more than one SD card at a time in order to have a lot of space on the camera. I am thinking like two 8GB cards.

  • Waterproof design; this would make it great for shooting in rain, at the pool or beach, or in general wet situations.

  • Panorama best shot; I would love to see a best shot that would auto-stitch like 4 pictures into a panorama. Especially with the high speed shooting. You could hold down the shutter and turn in a circle capturing an entire 360 degress and then have it auto stitch it.

  • Very powerful flash; this helps for shooting in low-light outdoor situations.

  • Longer than 60 second shutter speeds; I love the 60 second shutter on my Z850, but can't help but imagine what I could do with 120, or even 360 seconds.

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