D3 PIC and news, ISO200, new details!!!

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D3 PIC and news, ISO200, new details!!!

Hello everybody again!

I managed to find my way once again today and here are some real world examples and some "first hand" information. Below you can find some links, I shot everything in TIFFs (35Mb average) and then converted to JPGs for quickest hosting I could find. Lens on the camera was 50mm f1.4, I could not try anything else (yesterday's NEFs were made with the new 14-24 2.8).
1. Firmware on this camera is A. 0.28 and B. 0.23

2. When you go to pic size/format menu you can choose between FX and DX format as well as the 5:4 and the viewfinder blacks out the side/top accordingly
3. Price set for EU is 4800E for D3 and 1800E for D300 (same in USD in US)

4. D300 grip (see the pic with adapter for EN-EL3) will be VERY expensive, up to 400E (400USD) - made of magnesium, extra controller for focus points, adds 2FPS with EN-EL4...I prefer it to D200 with grip, feels much more solid, closer to D2X/D3 construction

5. If you set the camera to Ch mode you get 17 RAW files in FX mode in 8FPS, focus fully functional - if you choose to have JPEG Fine you can shot 64 shots before buffer fills - tried and tested today

6. If you chose DX format in Ch mode, you get 11FPS without focus - tried today - don't know for how many frames

7. I have been shown and ISO4000 printout, dimensions cca. A3, from Osaka stadium - looks gorgeous, I asked for low ISO image and received 2 A4 printouts made with ISO200 and new 14-24 lens - looks really fantastic - girl sitting and looking into the soft light from the side - face, skin, tones, transitions, shadows under the foldings of the dress, highlights on the forehead...phenomenal !!!

8. While asking for future plans I did not receive absolutely any direct information but when I was asking about higher Mpix model I did receive very noticeable hints that it is preparing for Photokina 2009, lower base ISO (probably 100), FPS under 5, and about 50% more resolution (around 18Mpix, maybe even more)

9. I also got very direct hints that there is absolutely no D200/D300 plans for FF (FX sensor), not in any near future ("at least 2-3 years")

10. Camera is alltogether fantastic, really feels more solid than D2X/s, LCD really helps with VGA resolution, especially when you zoom to check focus/details

11. Has memory for 20 lenses for fine AF adjustement of front/back focus + lens data you can enter for old lenses (as seen in D200)

12. Lw works as on any other P&S, after you choose the Lw mode, press shutter once to activate the LCD and than choose the point to focus


Forgive me for now, my WLAN connection is very bad so I keep getting kicked out from Imageshack.us and Imagehosting.com constantly while trying to upload other 7 pics and 2 100% crops from ISO200 images.
Coming up shortly!

Please feel free to ask any other question about the camera, some useful information you would like to know and I'm not thinking about it right now...

I don't plan to hold this camera any time soon again, but hope to see D300 as soo as it hits the stores :)))
Bye everybody and enjoy photography as well as your Nikon gear :)))

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