40D manual in PDF?

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I actually don't have Acrobat. What I did was use the "publish to PDF" function in Corel Draw. And I'm running an old version here (version 9). I should try my wife's computer. She's got version 13 on hers.

Still, I am able to play with various compression levels and resampling of bitmaps,etc., within what I've got, and from my experimentation, this was about as "bad" as I was willing to go.

I'd like a smaller file size, but I also wanted the fine details to be fairly legible.

The actual PDFs that Canon has for the 30D and the 1DMkIII on their site are great, and they're 1/3 the size of what mine turned out. But they have the advantage of having the original files to work from. There would have been relatively few bitmaps in their publication while for me, every bit of it is a bitmap

There's a lot to be said for working entirely in a vector format when possible.

It's a lot like a CAD drawing. The resolution is almost infinite yet the files are tiny!

I once had a mechanical CAD program and one drawing that came with it as a demo had the whole solar system in it. But you could zoom in on the earth and finally zoom down to see the CAD company's building. I think the whole file was something like 10K in size.

With a bitmap, you're forced to have the same resolution for every bit of the space you're covering. With a CAD or vector drawing, you simply describe things mathematically and leave out any areas you don't care about

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