40D manual in PDF?

Started Sep 1, 2007 | Discussions thread
photogbil56 Contributing Member • Posts: 859
Thanks a million Jim!

I really appreciate how you and other newly acquired 40D owners are going out of their way to be helpful and informative for the benefit of others.

I just downloaded your pdf manual and it only took seconds o my cable connection. Thanks for going to all the trouble and taking all the time it must have taken to scan and save the pages in pdf format. Haven't done anything but looked at the first few pages so far but it looks great. I'll be checking it further later on this weekend in anticipation of getting mine on Tuesday..

For all the criticism that us Canon uses get, like being fanboys ...and all, seems like there are many that truly care about their fellow Canon shooters. I don't frequent the Nikon forums....no reason to do so for me...but I wonder if they are the type to go out of their way to help out their fellow Nikon shooters like so many of the Cannon shooters are. I would hope so. Seems there are plenty of Nikon shooters that come over to this forum to bash or put down Canon!

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