1D3 best images showboat! (No poor AF please)

Started Jul 30, 2007 | Discussions thread
rodibest Forum Member • Posts: 76
What method or soft used to reduce and show your pictures ?

Most of the pictures posted on here are sharp and high quality pictures.

Well, my problem is that I am using 5D for the last 2 years, and the pictures are just super high quality while looking at the originals RAW photos.

When I try several methodes of reducing the size to be present over the internet, the photos are far away from the originals quality, and far away from pictures posted here by others.

I am using PS or DPP but the result are same.

My 1D MKIII doing the long journey to me, and I am afraid that nothing will change on the quality of presenting over the internet.

Any tips here ?

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