40D manual in PDF?

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OK, here it is:

Go easy on me. I'm not sure that my ISP is going to appreciate this.

I tried to compress it down as small as possible without totally losing the quality of it but it's still over 20 megabytes in size!

Also, this was scanned by hand, cropped in PS, then the files were pasted into Corel Draw and finally, it was "published" as a PDF. I know it's cheesy, but the information is there even if it's not too pretty.

It's almost 200 pages and they're all in the form of bitmaps because I, of course, do not have the original artwork or any way to just produce this as a text with graphics type of document.

Anyhow, here's the link:


Just click on the link for "40D Manual V4"

If it was me, I'd right click that link and then use the "Save Link As" function, but either way, it should work.

I hope you've got a fast connection and I hope my ISP doesn't blow a fuse!

It wouldn't surprise me if they shut me down if things get too crazy.

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Jim H.

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