Trap Focus With D200

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Hey guys, here is an article

I wrote last year. See if it helps.

Check III down at the bottom

D200 Focus Tips

I have recently set 3 focus methods
on the D200 and have locked them by setting them into 3 of the 4 available
Custom setting Banks.

I. Normal

Custom setting a2 to focus

Custom setting a6 to shutter/AF-on

This is the normal shooting use when you half press to lock focus and recompose and then press to take the shot. Keeping finger half pressed locks focus.

I use this at wedding receptions, event pictures, photojournalistic shots. Quick focus acquisition and keeping eye on viewfinder.

II. AF – Button

Custom setting a2 to Release

Custom setting a6 to AF-ON Only

This is the closest thing to old fashion reliable manual focus but with a twist.

Boy do I love this one. Anytime I am on a tripod; family portraits, posed portraits, group shots, etc. , when you have time to focus and lock it, this is the way to go.

Press the AF-ON button to lock the focus and take away your thumb.

Don’t touch the shutter release. Recompose, adjust your tripod head, get everyone’s attention and then press the shutter to take the shot. Once the AF-ON button locks the focus, the focus will not change even when touching the shutter release. Makes posed shots with tripod very easy.

III. Tracking (Trap)

Custom setting a2 to focus

Custom setting a6 to AF-ON Only

With this setting you use the AF-on button to lock on a focus point, and when someone enters the focus point the shutter trips.

I use this for the bride walking down aisle with dad at church, for bride and groom walking down aisle after ceremony and for the bride and groom waling into reception.

I focus on a place close to were the subject will walk, press the AF-ON button, this locks focus. You can remove your finger.

When subject is approaching then press the shutter release and compose the shot. Keep shutter release compressed. When subject enters focus area the shutter will trip. It really works.

First of all don’t get the Custom setting banks confused with the Shooting menu Banks.

The shooting menu banks allow you to store Optimized settings and color spaces.

The custom setting banks allow you to store the way the controls act. This is where you make my settings store for quick use.

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