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Re: Thanks Mike

Edward48 wrote:

I'm wondering if the L1 will be one off model?


My impression is, that the L1 was a statement by Panasonic and could be a one off. It was never meant to be a main stream camera and it broke a lot of 'rules' for dSLRs. A niche model. I prefer to consider it as the role, that plays Ferrari within the FIAT group. I do not expect in my wildest dreams a Ferrari station waggon or people carrier. Aficionados do not buy a Ferrari for a family transport, but for its outstanding performance and driving experience. The L1 appeal is , well, imho to the old diehard SLR aficionados (like me), that have a healthy dislike to 'computers with a lens'. Or functionality leads the design, not marketing. Think of the 'Scandinavian designs' or Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier, or closer to (your) home Frank Loyd Wright. They never became mainstream and never intended to become so.

The L1, is in its class of its own, one just can't compare it to Canons or Nikons, unless those come up with a similar model. One just can not compare a Lexus with a Toyato. On plain numbers and price, the Toyota wins hands down, but....

To stay on the car comparison, I drive a lesser known marque, a Lancia. Aficinados will now recognise it, but what does it offer more than a Ford Mondeo (Mon Dieu!).
A lot.

I do not worry about an L2 by Panasonic, they got the L1 more ore less right for my tastes. They could only 'verschlimmbesseren' it (make it worse by trying to improve) to 'improve it')
My 2 cents (€)

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