How many here miss working in your dark room.

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Re: How many here miss working in your dark room.

Ralph Tomaccio wrote:

I'll admit, there is a creative side to darkroom work I miss - only
to a small degree. But, when I was trying to decide whether to go
digital or not, I began receiving letters from the EPA wanting to
know what chemicals I was using and how I was disposing of them. It
was at that point I decided THAT was the time to go digital.

Yep, that had a lot to do with my decision process, too. I had two labs in the old studio and we did all our own - from C-41 to E-6 all sizes up to the occasional 8x10 chrome plus all our own color and B&W printing to 16x20. The "infinity plus a day after Armageddon" responsibility for all processing waste hauled off to some toxic dump site I know not where began to really bug me. Digital was being touted as an answer I found hard to believe in 1998 - yet here we all are.

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