POLL: Would you buy a full-frame Rebel?

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Re: POLL: Would you buy a full-frame Rebel?

The cheapest "old" 5D still cost twice as much as the 40D. The low end models would still be a cropped one since it is so much cheaper to produce.

I think for the low end it may be better for Canon to come up with a cheaper ultra wide so everybody can shoot at 10mm. Others would still like the extra reach vs cropping from a FF image (less MP). Even if you shoot with a 1Ds3 you still can't get a cropped 10mp image at APS-c size.

Howard J Yune wrote:

I know I started a thread on this topic a long time ago, but the
search engine is dead again, so I can't refer back to it.

Anyway... it's an open question how much it'll take for Canon to make
full-size 35mm sensors at a significantly lower price than now. (The
5D, the cheaper of Canon's full-frame bodies, is currently $2,540
American when sold by B&H.)

But when Canon is able to push a plastic-bodied full-framer out the
door for $1,000 or a bit less - a Rebel-class body - would you buy
one instead of a crop-sensor camera in the same class? (For the sake
of argument, let's assume this body had the 5D sensor, which
presumably will have covered its fixed costs by then.)

Would it be more important for you to get true wide-angle without
special lenses, or to get the free telephoto boost of a cropper? I
find this a very interesting question, even if it might not come up
for a few more years. (Though somehow, the day a people's full-frame
arrives feels a bit... closer... than I thought before. 2010? 2012?)

Been a year and a half since I thought about this, so I'd be very
glad to hear your views.


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