NEC Multisynch LCD 2x90 series questions

Started Aug 29, 2007 | Discussions thread
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NEC Multisynch LCD 2x90 series questions

I am considering either the NEC Multisynch LCD2690WUXi or the LCD2490WUXi monitor as a replacement for my aging CRT. I have some questions I hope that people on this forum can answer - after prowling on the NEC website for a considerable amount of time, it is obivious it is not built to be helpful!

First, I already own the Colorvision Spyder2 Pro package so am looking at the BD version (basic) rather than the SV one that has the Spectavision II software and the colorimeter puck. I have managed to verify that I can purchase the Spectravision II software separately from NEC for $170 U.S. The specs for the version II of the Spectravison indicate it does work with the Spyder2 puck.

Has anyone used the Spyder2 Pro with the new II level of the software? If so, any comments?

Also trying to determine a cost difference between the BD and SV packages to make sure that it is worth buying the DB + separate software packages.

Is there a hood accessory for these monitors? I hae tried searching the web and cannot find any indication that a hood exists for either.

As far as I can, my NVidia Quadro FX 3400 will support all the functions needed to do full color profiling using the Spectaview software. If anyone knows of a problem, please let me know.

On the subject of the video card, I currently have an LCD off of it as a second monitor to go with the CRT. I am on Windows XP and use the color management applet to allow different profiles to be assigned to the two monitors. Does anyone know if running this existing LCD off the video card will cause problems with either of the two NEC monitors or the color management of them?

Finally, any comments on these two monitors would be appreciated. I am looking for a monitor that will allow me to accurately (as much as it is possible) softproof images in PS for printing. I build my own printer profiles.

Given the price tags I thought it would be nice to determine if there was anything I should know about these before buying.


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