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brooke wrote:

Sorry if it came off as that. I've always been intrigued by Nikon
gear -- ergonomics, flash, to mention a couple of areas -- but went
Canon for the higher ISO and IS/VR on long lenses. Now that the
field is supposedly levelled, I would seriously consider switching.
As I said, my Mk III was returned.

We all have our reasons for things. I've always loved Nikon, but respect a well informed person liking Canon etc. I'm just tired of walking into camera stores & immediately getting a Canon showed in my face. Maybe that'll change now.

Life's not perfect. Get what feels right to you. If the D300 appeals to you I'd imagine it will tell you so the minute you hold it. I bought the D70 & was OK about it in the store. Then I found out about the D200. Went to a store & the minute I held it in my hands with one of my old lenses - I was sold.

If you look at the Canon board you might be surprised at the kudos
Nikon is receiving there. Even if people aren't switching, we are
glad Canon will have to kick it up a notch to compete.

Glad to hear that. the day of the announcement we had a Canon Troll show up in the forum writing some nasty stuff. I immediately just reported him as a Troll & as far as I know he was gone fast.

Anyhow, if you choose to go D300 you'll be welcome here - at least by me.


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