Samsung 245T - finally coming out?

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Re: Samsung 245T - finally coming out?

Tom_Bruno wrote:
UCSB wrote:
I read a review (sorry, I did not bookmark it) that said

the Samsung 245T was exhibiting overly saturated reds and oranges.

Hmmm. In a review of the Samsung 244T in May of last year David
Brooks said:

"the 244T, and by extension its slightly smaller relative, the 214T,
have to be among the best LCDs for photographic computing of any
displays..." and that the 244T "is a solid, finely-crafted product
that reproduces photographic images with a beautiful richness of
color. It also provides the means to adjust the image attributes to
individual perception that allows for a close match to what you would
expect from the image on screen." Review is here:

Presumably the 245T is in the same ballpark as the 244T, hopefully a
little improved. It doesn't seem likely that the product went from
"among the best LCDs for photographic computing" to zero. David
Brooks is a highly respected pro, and his judgement on the earlier
panel was probably good.

The groaner in picking a monitor is that you can't actually SEE but a
few examples in stores here and there. All we have are reviews and
second-hand reports.

I'm currently vacillating between the Ben Q FP241W and the Samsung.
But I haven't SEEN either one. And probably won't be able to unless
I buy one. Ah well.

Tom B

Tom, these extended gamut monitors are totally different then the monitors they replace. I just wasted 10 days with my GretagMacBeth Photo SG ($1500) system and Match3 plus ColorEyes software and could not get a satisfactory result on the Dell 2407. Just a heads-up on the 245T.

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