Info of E-3's announcement in Korea.

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Info of E-3's announcement in Korea.

Hello all,

As you’ve seen in the previous posts that the E-3 was announced in Korea, a lot of members in the forum have been asking common questions. So here’s a quick summary of it with answers that were unveiled from the press conference.

1. The information is true. E-3 announced in KOREA.

The E-3, a real working model, was presented on August 28th. It was shown at a press conference for a promotion of new P&S with the E-3. The rumor that the E-3 will be shown on that day was posted on related Korean sites on the 27th. There is no confirmation of why Korea was selected by Olympus for the first place to show the E-3. But it sure was a surprise. Attendees were not allowed to take pictures with it but were only able to take pictures of it. It was written that the body was quite big but not so heavy with a comfortable grip.

2. New 12-60 SWD lens?

According to a member of the, who was at the scene posted that the lens was operational but not 100%. The zoom ring was operational but not the AF and the part where the SWD is was made transparent to show how it was made. There were no further details about it’s performance but one minor comment that it looked like it had some distortion similar to the 14-54. Olympus was not able to confirm if there will be a kit sold with the body and lens.

3. What's with the LCD?

The LCD is a swivel type with a size of 2.5”. The LCD was not a touch-screen like the rumors were told. May be the real one will be? No details of how much pixels it had.

4. What about the View Finder?

100% coverage and bigger that the E-1 according to the attendees post. The person of the original post in expressed his opinion that it was very impressive and it looked almost as big as the D300 view finder. He stated that the AF points were oriented in a diamond shape. According to Olympus it is 11 points. No more details were provided.

FYI, working D3 and D300 are displayed at Nikon Korea Imaging head office A/S center in Seoul. If you do a search in the , you’ll be able to find photos of it.

5. What’s with the name EP-1 ?

It was confirmed that the new model, the E-1 successor’s official name is E-3. EP-1 was it’s project name.

6. When will it be out for sale.

The official sales announcement is scheduled on the 17th of October according to one web-site and Olympus did not mentioned it, but news is spread that it will be on the selves in November.

7. Any additional details revealed at the promotion?

Unfortunately, no. The attendees reported that Olympus did not answered to any questions about more detail specs of the E-3. We’ll have to wait for the October 17th announcement. May be the information of the sensor will be shown at Olympus web-stie.

Hope this provides information/answers to the E-3 Korean announcement. Have a nice day.

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