Samsung 245T - finally coming out?

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Re: Samsung 245T - finally coming out?

It's not good.

I bought a 23 inch Apple Cinema display to run with my PC, was pretty good but it would NOTs how anything until the windows drivers kicked in so i gave up on it and bought the Samsung 24 iinch.

Editing on a Panel this size is glorious, the color is WAY too saturated and te contast is about 25% too high and that was AFTER color calibration.

I ended up taking it down to 25% of normal saturation, just look at ANY of the normal Windows colors on the desktop for a clue. WAY over the top.

At this point the only two monitors the truly make the grade in flat panel are the LaCie's and the Eizo.
I spent a long long time doing the homework.
Check out the reviews on

I took the Samsung back.
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