IS problem?! Vibrating?!

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Re: IS problem?! Vibrating?! - Fixed and Fuzzy - Lemon Law?

After August 2 call for re-calibration of lens that Canon had "Repaired", Canon sent UPS prepaid shipping label to wrong E-Mail address. Finally got through to Customer Relations on August 8th and shipped lens back to Canon Jamesburg Factory Service Center same day. UPS delivery tracking shows August 9th. Lens has been in Jamesburg ever since. Called Jamesburg last Thursday - Lens was recalibrated then failed QC and was sent back to repair for adjustment. So far two repair attempts. First try slipped through QC out of focus. The second try failed QC. Thumbs up for QC catching the problem the SECOND time. Thumbs down for repair not getting the job done on either attempt. That was last Thursday. Jamesburg factory evasive - promised phone call from supervisor never materialized. No calls or communication from Jamesburg at all. Lens has been in out of commission for 2 months. Have spent $200 in lens rentals during that time.

Customer Relations is contacting Jamesburg to ascertain status, but no offer of results. They went so far as to characterize QC flunking lens as a success in process control rather than failure of the repair group to get the job done the second time. 56 days since lens first sent to Canon. 2 failed repair attempts. One failed repair shipped to customer. One failed repair caught by QC. No lens and Labor day weekend coming up. Summer come and gone with no results from Jamesburg.

Has anyone ever had Canon declare a Lemon and send a replacement? Any other Jamesburg experiences? Is Canon Service Center in Irvine better or at least more responsive? Did the OP send lens for repair at Canon or elsewhere?

Alledges wrote:

EF-S 17-55 came back 1 month after I sent it for IS and dust
problems. It had been waiting at the Jamesburg Factory Service
Center for parts from Japan.

"Service Details.
We have examined the product according to your request and it was
found that the part had shorted causing an error to be displayed.
The part was replaced. Other electrical adjustments and inspection
and cleaning were carried out."

IS is operating, though image jumps upwards visibily and audibly as
it engages / disengages, but settles down. Dust is gone for now. I
had requested recalibration to make sure everything Ok. No mention
of that in Canon response. Lens was wonderfully sharp when shipped
to Canon even with failed IS turned off. Now it's fuzzy. My 24-105L
and even 17-85 perform better.

Contacted Canon 800-828-4040 for solutions. E-mailing me
print-it-yourself UPS prepaid mailer back to Jamesburg. Hopefully
then can calibrate correctly this time. Will contact Jamesburg
directly to ensure calibration and extension of warranty for all the
time they've had and will have it. Good luck with your repair.

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