Nikon D3 at the OSAKA GAMES

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ISO6400 on a 5D?? You jest, sir.

RedFox88 wrote:

As others have said the shadows are quite noisey. Noisier than my 5D iso6400 shadows.

Ahem - the Canon 5D only goes up to ISO3200, so unless you're using a different 5D than everyone else...

Anyway; the debate over noise levels on a pre-production body such as the D3 is pointless at present - I'd rather wait for Phil, Rob Galbraith, Thom Hogan or Bjorn Rorslett or any of the regulars at Luminous Landscape to offer up detailed analytical reviews of production-level bodies before making judgements.

What we see coming out of the Osaka IAAF are, at best, merely hints at how the D3 and D300 will perform. As much as I might like to evaluate a unit myself, I don't envy these photographers the task of getting useable results out of a camera that they're as good as unfamiliar with.

Put it this way: if you had a wedding booked for next week, would you shoot it with a pre-production D3??

Thought not

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