Which way to go (Mac Mini or 24 inch iMac)???

Started Aug 20, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Which way to go (Mac Mini or 24 inch iMac)???


I actually ended up returning the 24 White iMac. The 2 that I tried had unacceptable backlight uniformity. The left side of the screen was noticeably brighter than the right on both machines. I now have the Mac Mini Core 2 Duo and the 23 inch ACD. I'm happy with this setup. The Mini is faster than the G5 tower I used at work. Mac Mini C2D and PS CS3 is a great combo for amateur photography, imo. I will also be using it to run the entire CS print programs. No good for Aperture so I may try Lightroom if I find PS and Bridge to be limiting.

The ACD is very nice and and much better than the iMac in terms of even brightness, not perfect but not many LCDs are. The Apple store in Jacksonville, FL was very acommodating. They let me hook everything up and test it all out before I left the store. Now THAT's good service.


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