D300 will require hi-end lenses !!!

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D300 will require hi-end lenses !!!

Is it stupid from me to think that D300 with its higher resolution will require top-notch glass? Some lenses that were good on D200 may only be acceptable on D300...
Just a question...

Personally, the additional MP is not necessarily good news, everything else equal, more mpix mean more noise, less DR and higher sensitivity to camera shake.

I know technology is improving and allows higher res sensors to be as good as past lower res sensors, but remember D40, its 6 mpix does wonders and I would have preferred an 8 or 10 mpix sensor in the d300 for the following reasons:

  • no need for pro lenses

  • smaller files

  • better hi-iso

  • more dr

  • less sensitive to camera shake

  • iso 100 probably possible on an 8 or 10 mpix sensor

Again, I can be completely wrong, I'm no tech freak, just see this post as a question, I'm just worried that the mpix race won over wisdom and i want to see your viewpoint...

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