Glossy 24" iMac: Suitable for Design/Photography?

Started Aug 26, 2007 | Discussions thread
PhotoPhil007 Forum Member • Posts: 83
Re: Glossy 24" iMac: Suitable for Design/Photography?

Stu 5 wrote:

If you look at the subject matter of the photos you can see that it
is critical work. Also the most extensive test so far showed there
was problems on printing. Some of the other calibration tests have
been a bit questionable if you have a good working knowledge of
calibration. You do NOT have to be professional to be fussy about
calibration, you just have to care enough about your photos to want
to do something about it.

The OP clearly stated the iMac was for his personal projects that he has a professional rig where he works. IMHO, in that situation the iMac will work just fine.

Can you point to the extensive test that allegedly shows problems with printing?

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