GX-100 - a new appreciation after trying LX2

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GX-100 - a new appreciation after trying LX2

I don't know why, God knows I can't afford it, but I bought a Panasonic LX2 last week. I liked the look of them I suppose - that whole 16:9 thing looked 'neat'. Luckily I bought it from a vendor that allows painless returns so it's on it's way back tomorrow.

It wasn't a bad camera, in fact it was quite nice to use and the results were good, but it just does not have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' that the GX & GR have.

One deal breaker was the LCD. The GX LCD is simply great. I felt that from day one and using the LX2 made me realise how good it really is. I shoot a lot of macro low-level stuff - food, textures all kinds of things, often in low light. I normally rest the GX on a table or book, glass etc and compose like that. No problem with the GX as the LCD is viewable from almost any angle making it easy to compose. With the LX2 - no way, all you can see is the typical, ghosted, negative image that you usually get when trying to look at a LCD from that angle.

Handling was another issue, the GX just feels right in the hand and the grip is perfect. The LX2 is just too slippery and the little nub that distinguishes the Panasonic from the Leica version just kind of buged me both functionally and aesthetically.

As for the 16:9... At first I thought it was cool and fun composing in that format but it soon got old and is ridiculous for vertical images. The LX2 lens also only 'acts' as 28mm in the 16:9 format. In other formats I believe it is the equivalent of 32mm - I'm not sure exactly. The GX with the genuine 24mm is just so much better. And I love the GX's available 1:1 format. I don't know why, but that goofy square format just makes me 'feel' creative even if it is not reality...

IQ wise I feel the GX won. I don't have the time or inclination to do side by side comparisons, there was just something so-so about the LX2 images. They looked fine but not amazing, also CA was worse on the LX2 from a cursory examination. I must say though that it did very nice in camera B&W JPEGs with lots of detail.

One thing I did like a lot was the little joy-stick method of getting into menus and changing settings 'on-the-fly'. The mechanism itself had a really good feel to it and was MUCH better than the GX's Adjust lever-knob-thingy. This is another control on the LX2 separate from the usual 4-way button.

So there you have it - not a thorough, complete or even objective comparison. i was excited about getting the LX2 but in the end it just seemed like just another competent P&S albeit with RAW, full manual etc. I see lots and lots of fine pictures taken with the LX2 and for $200 less than the GX you get a very nice camera. But there is that 'je ne sais quoi' factor and for me that is the clincher.

Now If I could just stop thinking about that G7 "Like new" on Craig's list for $380.....

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