Why the fetish for having the 40D ASAP?

Started Aug 27, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Coyote_Cody Senior Member • Posts: 1,166
Why the fetish for having the 40D ASAP?

Wow, people! Can no one "delay gratification"? Must you have it on 'day one'?!
(same for 'switching to nikon D300' mentality)

It seems a bit silly, unless you have no camera at all, unless there is some grand prize for the lowest serial number, otherwise you seem to either have 'no life' or MUST be the one with the latest newest whiz bang thingy! (small penis compensation?) Or is it just all talk and BS on a forum?

As the samples show, there is NO monster step forward in a 40D, nice camera and all but guys, take a step back, take a breath, smell the flowers and enjoy life a bit!! Go out and shoot a beautiful sunset, take a vacation, invest your money, ask the girl for a date, play russian rouletter, something!!

This explains why psychologist/psychiatrist have full careers and lots of clients, odd strange human behavior!!

PS: Good luck with that problem!
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