FZ18 vs FZ50 / FZ60

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FZ18 vs FZ50 / FZ60


I have been reading the forum for the last few weeks regarding comparisons or discussions of the FZ18 against the FZ50 and possible FZ60. I would like to ask a few questions more directly comparing the he FZ18 versus the FZ50 and guesses about a possible FZ60.

The basic differences between going with the FZ18 versus the FZ50 appear to be following items;
1. Lack of hot-shoe on the FZ18
2. No Manual focus on the FZ18.
3. 10 Mega pixels vs 8 for the FZ18

The FZ18 appears to have has these advantages over the FZ50
1. Wide angle lens of 28 and more optical zoom
2. Lighter weight and smaller size
3. Larger LCD, 2.5" vs 2"
4. The latest set of focusing and ISO features, Face, Auto ISO, etc.

What I would like to ask peoples opinion on are:

A If you can live without the hot shoe and manual focus, wouldn't the FZ18 be a better choice than the FZ50?

B What could they really do for a FZ60 other than add all the nice features of the FZ18? It seems to me that an FZ60 would take the best of both the FZ18 and FZ50. If this were the case, why bother with an FZ60 in the near future since the FZ18 has all the latest tricks. Wouldn't it be better to wait till there are some much bigger improvements to be made before cannibalizing the FZ18 sales? People who love the FZ50 would likely stick with it while the rest of us would buy up FZ18s.

C. Given that I have an FZ15 and FZ20 and have almost never used Manual focus and just don't bother with an external flash (more pain than its worth and with a better range of ISO for the FZ18 and FZ50 less likely to be needed) wouldn't the FZ18 be a really good choice and not worth waiting for an FZ60?


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