Kudos to Nikon

Started Aug 25, 2007 | Discussions thread
Dan Nikon Senior Member • Posts: 1,503
Re: Kudos to Nikon

I love my 5D's but man, if Nikon nailed these cameras...then nikon simply nailed it and it does not matter what Canon comes out with next. People who want to use Nikon, will have phenomenal choices in camera bodies.

I think 12MP and 9 FPS is an incredibly good choice in a full frame camera. When one considers that full frame is not just about max resolution but also lens draw, it becomes apparent that this is a new beast. I don't really get too many complaints in file size. When I do, it is because the client gets to where they are really needing more along the lines of medium or large format drum scans.

I am really looking forward to adding the D3 and D300 to my tool kit, they look awesome so far!

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