Kudos to Nikon

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Ravitej Khalsa
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Kudos to Nikon

Congratulation to Nikon. I am a Canon 5D owner having owned Canon from film days. I tried Nikon, but honestly could not figure out the controls or read the manual. Just the way my brain is wired. I think that is why Canon and Nikon owners are like Mercedes and BMW owners. The best fit to however the person is wired.

That said, I am so happy Nikon has finally gone to FF. I had tried so many crop digital SLR's and was unhappy with all of them. And the Canon 1D series was too much in so many ways for my needs. So when the 5D came along it was just what I wanted and it turned out to be so satisfying. I felt like it was a real camera again. So here we are with this new D3. Feels like the same thing. A real camera from Nikon. I think it is probably beyond the 5D. It cost's more so it should be.

All those worries in the forum about falloff and any of the too this and too that are simply unfounded worries in my mind. I sprang for the 5D the instant it hit the local store I use. No hesitation. If I were a Nikon person and had the investment, I would have absolutely no doubt.

Pixel sites and "only" 12.8 MP? The 5D is simply the best there is for 35mm style shooting. It is film and beyond. The 12 MP camera is the equivalent of good 35 film. The roomy pixel sites help high ISO and picture quality. Can't image the new D3 with the same formula is not going to be a stunner. Plus the D3 has all those 1D mark whatevers attributes and more. What's not to like?

I had an ancient 2MP Kodak camera that happened to have a bigger sensor in it. The pixel sites were bigger. And it was the best 2MP point and shoot (albeit one Mississippi shutter lag). From then on I started noticing the bigger pixel sites allowed for better quality. Just less electrical interference (noise). So when the 5D proved to have this same ratio, I know it would be a winner. Just like the D3 is going to be a real winner.

I shot the opening of a new park from a lift. My photo with the 5D was the only one that could be enlarged to 40X60 for use as a transparency in a lit box at the airport. And it was shot in Jpeg. Details and color were unbelievable. 12 MP is just right all the way around.

And the new Canon 1DsIII? I think it's not trying to compete with Nikon right now. It's goal seems to me to go after medium format. Medium format photopros use the average standard of 22 MP. But there is a lot of compromise in ISO and portability issues with MF now available. How many of those pros might be tempted to go with a 35 style DSLR if it provides the resolution needed. How many pros would rather invest 8,000US in a body than three or more times that in MF. It's going to be interesting.

I hire photographers for business, but become fatigued with lesser quality from crop cameras. Only the FF's or MF's give the final files we really want for commercial work. I know there are all kinds of facts and figures that may "prove" otherwise. But in the process of creating magazine covers for lots of years, we could see patterns and have expectations. We need to create at a level that the crop cameras simply struggled to achieve.

I think the stock photo houses will also be relieved that Nikon has stepped up to the plate. There has been plenty of talk around that only FF camera ( 1Ds and 5D) gave really acceptable files. Practice has not been the case, but there must be some who have experienced the same disappointment we have with crop camera images.

So this news is so fantastic. I expect there will be many old Nikon shooters that will be relieved and art directors to match. I expect many will adopt this camera and provide files that are of the standard expected for printing. And if the 22MP Canon is a hit with the MF crowd, I expect Nikon will have something to compete with it in the near future.

So rejoice all you Nikon fans and professionals. It's a real camera that moves ahead of Canon with it's abilities with speed, any lens choice, no crop and I expect high ISO and image quality.

Kudos to Nikon.

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