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Re: Jealousy

JerkChicken wrote:

I think alot of the people who are bashing the 40D are upset because
their cameras are obsolete, and they are looking for any little thing
to pick apart the latest camera from Canon, and try to convince
themselves that their camera is better then the latest technology
from Canon. Coming from Pentax I can safely say that the 40D (based
on the high ISO images I have seen) that the 40D is superior to my
Pentax K10D at high ISO. However I think many people wont admit to
themselves that this is the case.

That is a very rash statement and you don't know that. I'd say if anything it's a small minority of people that maybe are jealous. Well i'm happy with my obsolete S5 pro and it hasn't stopped functioning or stopped taking pleasant photos since the launch of the 40D or the D300 for my needs.

S5 and 18-200VR

I also own a Canon 30D too and from what I seen "so far" in the DVD images posted here, they seem to be fairly noisy with more than usual NR from Canon than I would expect. So we are entitled to comment on that if we think it is an issue. If you feel that is camera bashing or jealousy, then so be it.

As for being better than you K10.....you don't know that and you are guessing unless you compare exact images under the exact same conditions like I did with my 30D and S5 here:

And I can't complain with noise at ISO1600 with the S5 pro regardless of what has hit the market recently so i'm one of those who are far from jealous. And there is more to image quality than just good low noise. Things like good dynamic range, color and tonality are just as essential too, if not more important for a pleasing image.

S5 pro + 18-200VR • 1/15s • ISO1600

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