40D ISO 3200 sample picture sharpened and processed

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40D ISO 3200 sample picture sharpened and processed

Here is a crop from the DPreview Sample shots (posted with permission) of the ISO 3200 beer bottle shot.

This has been cleaned using Noiseware Professional with quite different settings than most use, the Luma setting is at 0 and the Chroma at 100. THis leaves the grainy noise alone and takes out the digital color noise blotches leaving a look much like film would look.

After running though Noiseware, it has been sharpened like I would use if making a wedding album. I use PK Sharpener with my own cocktail of how it is done.

This is the 100 percent crop:

and this is the same file approximately how it would look to the viewer printed at a size of 8x12:

I consider this not only quite good, but ISO 3200 is printing better with the digital technology at ISO 3200 than the same picture shot with ISO 400 film. Those that would like a cleaner looking or NO grain (you will have to get over that mindset at some point in your camera life) would probably use Noiseware or Noise Ninja set at it's normal 80 percent Luma noise reduction. Even this is not necessary, I know it makes a lot of folks "feel" better.

Point is, using very targeted noise reduction and pretty heavy sharpening (of a file that is probably already sharpened to start with) the results are astonishing for a $1300 camera at ISO 3200.


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