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Re: When your competition has native ISO6400...

bross1 wrote:

Peppered wrote:

When you shoot low light photography (as I do) and the people you're
competing with for jobs have ISO 6400 and you're one or two stops
slower, then it's a very big deal.

Excellent point! If this was the only improvement (high quality
images at high ISO's to at least equal those of Canon) then for many
that would be enough. I guess I didn't focus on that as much since
I'm a Canon shooter (Mark III), however if I had been a Nikon shooter
when I read the news about the D3 I would have certainly picked up on
the improvement in high ISO quality.

Well, as someone who's had to return two Mk IIIs so far, it's a big push. I'm actually not so keen on FF, as 1.3 crop is just about perfect. However, I think the crop-friendlier 12 mp will wash that out. The quickness and the capability with the AF is a big deal. I'm not a big flash user, so that's moot. My music kit consists of the 35/1.4L, 85/1.8 and 135/2.0L. Going Nikkor, I'd lose a stop in the 35mm prime, which would wash with the higher native ISO of the D3, and I'd gain a stop with the other two, but the Nikkor 135mm is no match for Canon's.

So, I'm on the fence and need a solution now. I'm turning away work because my 30D's AF isn't up to snuff with the AF sensors other than the center, which I only use less than 50% of the time.

What a headache.

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