My older WHITE 24" iMac has a H-IPS Panel!

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My older WHITE 24" iMac has a H-IPS Panel!

I discovered in another thread that SwitchResX could be used to identify the panel used in your Mac. The new Aluminum 24" iMacs use a premium LG Philips 24" H-IPS LCD. I ran the SwitchResX test on my WHITE (July 2007 purchased) 24" C2D iMac and found that it too has an expensive LG Philips 24" H-IPS panel!

This was good news since I was under the impression it had an S-PVA panel. I have been very happy with the fidelity of the calibrated display, except I had to use the "Shades" freeware utility to get the brightness down to a reasonable level. It compares very well with my old acrylic 20" ACD (although much brighter...).

Anyway, here's the panel info (sorry for posting in 2 threads, but I thought this was important enough to document for others):

EDID Version........1.3
Product Code........26012 (659C) (9C65)
Serial Number.......16843xxx

Descriptor #2 is ASCII data:
LM240wu2-sLA (Aluminum 24" is -sLB apparently(

Descriptor #3 is Monitor name:
Color LCD

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