Focusing prisms missing on DSLR?

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Re: Focusing prisms missing on DSLR?

JoaCHIP wrote:

First, I'm aware of the Katz eye mod, and my next DSLR camera is most
likely getting that upgrade.

But what's up with this? Why is the focusing prism / split screen
missing on every single Nikon/Fuji/Canon DSLR i've been trying? Are
we supposed to believe that auto-focus can do everything? (That would
be pretty damn optimistic.) Or is there some kind of voodoo curse on

This missing feature is made even more critical, when you think about
how ridiculously small the viewfinder is in DSLR cameras that do not
have a full-size sensor (which most don't.) This makes me go "ARGH!"
everytime i try to do manual focus.

Even the pro-sumer grade cameras like the Fuji S3pro and Nikon 200D
have these tiny viewfinders and missing prism, and there's no option
to buy a more expensive model that includes this. I don't get it!@?!

All higher end Canon's have split screen options ... the problem is they tend to disrupt AF and dim the light going to view finder.

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