Matte vs. Glossy - calibrated comparison..

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Re: Matte vs. Glossy - calibrated comparison..

well - one is that couldn't get the pics to look alike. That means that I would have to compensate for the darkness nd I don't wamt ot do taht.

PhotoPhil007 wrote:

jonte0 wrote:

The lower pic was created using the Alu iMac. The shadows on the door
is darker and I could not get rid of this by tweaking the picture. To
be fair - the prints looked like the screen or at least had the same
features as the screen. I like the iMac screen but I have to send it
back and get an other solution after all. The "enhanced" look of
everything is not ideal when editing photos. Its not much but enough
if You are a bit picky which I am. The darker door I think exactly
what has been mentioned that dark get darker - that is a distortion.

Pity, I liked everything else about this machine - keyboard
fantastic, speed - and silent :-D.. real pity.

If the prints look like the screen in both cases then what is the
issue with the Alu iMac exactly? If you don't like the print you got
from the Alu iMac you should be able to tweak it to what you like and
then print it. Isn't that the whole point of having a calibrated
setup? What am I missing exactly?

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