Tilt correction?

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Re: That's my read on it too.

doesn't the crop and titlting only apply to using direct print anyway?
or does it actually alter the jpg or raw?

JimH wrote:

Unless you're making small prints direct from the camera, I can't see
it as being useful.

Normally, when I need to correct a horizon, the initial error is less
than 0.5 degrees to begin with. Having only 0.5 degree steps renders
this feature fairly useless. I'd need to do this on a PC anyhow to
get the fine resolution required to make it useful.

I'm putting this feature right in the same bin with the direct print
button: Nice for people on a vacation who have one of those small 4
X 6 printers along with them, but otherwise of no value.

But there are plenty of other new features to make the 40D pretty
attractive to me.

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Jim H.

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