GX 100 autofocus: so which is correct?

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Guy Parsons
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And flash issues

Again harping back to the R3/4/5/6 firmware and hardware - in their case many people do have flash problems, but mainly because they try to be too smart. I find that I get 100% successful flash with my R3 and R4 (and previously R5) when using Auto ISO, make sure the focus is accurate, and make sure the subject is within the range stated in the manual. If the user starts using manual ISO settings then they are on their own, it gets harder to get good results.

In the case of the R3/4/5/6 the Exposure Compensation control also controls the flash output, so the flash can be tuned up or down to suit your taste or the occasion.

Again in the case of the R3/4/5/6 I found that accurate focus is absolutely the most critical thing, as the R3/4/5/6 aperture range is very limited and the Auto flash range is normally 64~400 and the flash quite limited, so it needs accurate focus distance to set the aperture and flash output. Only a slight misfocus that may not show in a postcard print can upset the flash as it may fire too much or too little output as it thought it was further away or closer to the subject respectively in the case of the focus error.

So once again, does knowledge of the R3/4/5/6 behaviour help in working out GX100 flash issues?

Regards.............. Guy

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