NIKON D300 - first look

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Jessie Anderson
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Re: NIKON D300 - first look

Waaaayyyy SWEET fake!! Man that's a great looking body - I'd buy it in a heart beat.

Anyway... A D200 is definitely coming out - it has to.

A.) $100 instant rebate
B.) 40D is coming fast and it looks to beat out the D200 BIG time.

C.) Nikon has already stated they are going to strategically put out more semi-pro and low level cameras to get people to move up faster.

The 40D is going to make waves for Canon and Nikon is not stupid.

Falco Stellare wrote:

dbvand wrote:

Good job but a couple of things give it away as a fake.

It was just a joke, so I preferred not to over-elaborate my fake...

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