GX 100 autofocus: so which is correct?

Started Aug 18, 2007 | Discussions thread
OP David821 Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: Autofocus

This is fascinating, because as far as I know, this is a unique feature and I cannot understand why so little has been made of it.

I hope other GX 100 users can throw more light on the subject (no pun intended).

Exactly how accurate is the fast shutter press compared to the half press and wait technique. Does the former mean a lot of pictures but a greater than usual number of duds?

And if using flash indoors in low light are there any benefits over other compact cameras with a flash hotshoe? I am aware of the overexposure issue which I assume can be solved with the correct amount of compensation.

If anyone can further enlighten me I would be grateful.

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