The P series is gone!

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Re: Dont write em off just yet.

Ed Jay wrote:

I think they've blown alot of money not invested alot of money. There
have been too many defectors to other camera mfrs. On what basis is
your optimism founded in. The P880 introduced two years ago has not
been upgraded. And the recent cameras are more of the same, with a
few mods, not enough to be wowed about.

I think Kodak is fighting cutbacks and lower sales and as such will
continue to fall in its market share. Please remember that the top
competitors have not been standing still while Kodak flounders...

Also why are Kodak prices so fragile? I bet they drop their prices
more than any other brand!That being said, you can get some really
good deals, but none of the "pushing the envelope" variety.

G,Day Ed, I guess I am just wishful thinking, I do understand what you are saying but I just refuse to accept that a camera manufacturer like Kodak that made great cameras like the DC4800, DX6490/7590/7440 and P880 are just going to lay down and die.

With respect to discounting you are right but Olympus and Fuji are not far behind, heaven forbid I purchased Fuji's gun non DSLR S9600 in April this year cost $679, now just $500, thankfully I no longer have this camera, also paid $549 for brother S6500fd, now only $399, thankfully I dont have it any longer.

I think the problem with Kodak is to many new releases, maybe if they pulled their head in for a while and just had a couple of cameras representing each catagory eg, C, V, Z, P they would be better off.

You know that I had DX6490/7590s, now I have a Z710, no advancement in picture quality over a period of 3-4 years, important features like Hotshoe and Sync Socket have been scrapped, sad the Zs would have been better with them.

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