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Re: Updated results

Prognathous wrote:

I borrowed a friend's 50/1.7 (old version) and the results are almost
identical to mine. Either his lens is a lemon too, or the 50/1.7 is
simply not a good lens at infinity. It's obvious that both 50mm
lenses can't match the Tamron 17-50.

The new test (both daylight and night-time) can be seen here:


Hallo Prognathous,

I some time ago tested my AF 1.4 50mm (first generation)
my AF 1.7 50mm (RS), selected sample
against my old MC Rokkor 1.2 58mm (modified for AF with Pete Ganzels adaptor)
my CZ16-80mm and also the
Kit lens 18-70mm.

My conclusions on APS-C Alpha 100:

The AF 1.7 at infinity is a tack sharp lens stopped down to f6.3,
definitly as sharp as you can get off a A100. Corner sharpness consistently
degrades to wide open (corner at f5.6 is slightly visible worse against f6.3)
The shots taken at f6.3 are much better than your tested samples.
I understand that Sony does not continue production of the 1.7 design because
of its corner softness. Center sharpness is perfect from f2.8 up to f6.3.
f8 due to defraction degrades center sharpness by a very small amount
compared to f5.6 or f6.3.

The AF 1.4 is clear a better optical design than the 1.7. Corner and Border performance is far better than with the 1.7. Center sharpness of the 1.4 is
on par with the 1.7 in the range 2.8 to 8. At f1.7 to f2.5 the AF 1.4 lens also
outperforms the AF 1.7 in center sharpness. Pictures with the AF 1.4 stopped
down to f5.6 are perfect sharp center to edge.

Also concerning Bokeh the AF 1.4 holds a small advantage against the AF 1.7.

My old MC Rokkor 1.2 58mm is at least on the level of the AF1.4
concerning sharpness and very clear outperforms all the others
concerning bokeh. The bokeh of this old lens really is a class of
its own!
But its horrible to focus manually with the A100! So I only can use
this lens with tripod and many shots finding the best focus position
wide open and than stopping down.
Also the Bokeh of the AF 1.4 at f2.8 is good enough for most situations.

The CZ 16-80 is very little behind the primes at f8 at wider apertures the
AF1.4 more clear outperforms the CZ-Zoom. The CZ at 35mm is better
than at 50mm and again improves at the long end (80mm).

My Kit lens at 50mm is very good at center, but never gives very good
corner sharpness and so is not a real alternativ to me, but not bad at
50mm f8.

Bokeh of both zoom lenses in now way competes against the
AF 1.4 at f2.8 or the MC 1.2 58mm.

So my true wish would be a AF 1.2 58mm like the old MC design!

Concerning your pictures I am quiet sure that the AF 1.7 shots
are not perfect in focus, sorry. But these lenses clear out resolve
an 6MP APS-C sensor in center from f2.8 to f8.
Hans (Germany)

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